CareEngine: Advancing the Cause of Evidence-Based Medicine 

The health care landscape is under pressure. The shifting focus from volume to value; rapidly increasing amounts of data and information; projected physician shortages; and our increasingly poor health all pose new challenges. Technology often plays a critical support role in health programs, especially when it comes to data integration and analysis. When combined with the latest medical literature, these technology solutions offer significant advantages for employers and providers trying to manage the health of populations - but to what effect?

We conducted a large-scale study of the impact of our clinical intelligence platform, CareEngine System, to determine how using evidence-based, advanced analytics to drive personalized care alerts can impact population health, care and medical cost.

The results? Evidence-based care alerts improve care quality, improves health, and reduces costs:
• 8% reduction in ER visits and hospital admissions
• Savings of $2,295 for each resolved care alert
• Improvements in 8 key clinical quality measurements

Download your copy of Advancing Evidence-Based Medicine to learn how this powerful clinical and consumer intelligence platform is able to improve health and care to reduce costs through holistic, data-driven insights.

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